Saturday, August 23, 2014

J: 11 SAF marching drill commands you need to know!! Or get screwed!

Who really listens to and understands the whole sentence of a command? I mean, besides some vulgarities, the only time I speak Malay was during our National Anthem... So for the pass two weeks during confinement, I learnt to filter out unnecessary information in those commands to make my life easier, recognising only the last few syllables to perform drills. Take for example, the command for a platoon to turn right "Begerak Ke-kanan, Empat barisan, Ke-kanan, Pu-sing!" To me it's only "@^%&$*%$&*, Ke-kanan, Pu-sing". Or the command to face front right after Kekanan Lu-rus, "Pandang kehadapan pan-DANG" to me it's only "#@*&$%!, pan-DANG".

Life was alright, and I didn't have any problems following commands. I though that I've cracked the puzzle to marching drills UNTIL I was made to give the commands...

That fateful day was my long awaited book out day and I was allowed to book out 2hours earlier than the rest of my company along with 19 others because we were the top 10% in IPPT(Incentive: heard that sometimes the top can get to book out 1 day ahead of the rest). We were gathered in our company's training shed for routine orders and bag check while our peers were doing area cleaning. After the check was book out time and as a recruit, everywhere we go, we have to march or run. We formed up along the road waiting for the sergeant in charge to lead us to the ferry terminal, smiles and grins on all faces. Boy, how suai can I be, the sergeant just so happens to be from my platoon and he made me lead the squad because I'm the only one he recognised. I screwed up the whole command thing because I knows shit. Got fucked by the sergeant and now need to learn the commands b4 my next book in...

So for your benefit i'm sharing some of the more frequently used commands:

Used in sequence when before moving off:
1. Sedi-A: Stand at Attention. Elbows locked, eyes stare forward, chin up. No movement.
2. Senang di-RI: Stand at Ease. Legs placed shoulder width apart, hands behind backs, right hand over left hand, fingers straightened. Eyes still forward, looking up, no talking.
3. Kekanan lu-rus: Face to the right, Dress
4. Pandang kehadapan pan-DANG: Face front.
5. Dari Kanan, BILANG: Number off from the right.
6. Begerak Ke-kanan/kiri, bertiga-tiga, Ke-kanan/kiri Pu-sing: Move to the right/left, three by three, right/left turn. "Kiri" and "Kanan" stand for left and right respectively. They are interchangeable in commands. "Bertiga-tiga" is also given in context, depending on how many rows deep the formation is. Three by three stands for the standard formation depth of three rows. "Dalam dua/empat barisan" would be used for two and four rows respectively.

Used when squad is marching:
7. Kiri/Kanan be-LOK: Left/Right Wheel
8. Impek Kiri/Kanan: Keep left/right

Used when squad is stopping/ after stopping:
9. Berhen-TI: halt/stop.
10. Hentak kaki, cepat hen-TAK: Quick Mark time
11. Skuad, Keluar-BARIS: Squad, fall out


  1. Jiayou! Spend a sweet weekend with meowmeow and book in lo! ☺

  2. While the scope of this guide will not be able to cover every type of power drill in existence, we are going to try to cover most of the bases.