Saturday, August 23, 2014

J: 11 SAF marching drill commands you need to know!! Or get screwed!

Who really listens to and understands the whole sentence of a command? I mean, besides some vulgarities, the only time I speak Malay was during our National Anthem... So for the pass two weeks during confinement, I learnt to filter out unnecessary information in those commands to make my life easier, recognising only the last few syllables to perform drills. Take for example, the command for a platoon to turn right "Begerak Ke-kanan, Empat barisan, Ke-kanan, Pu-sing!" To me it's only "@^%&$*%$&*, Ke-kanan, Pu-sing". Or the command to face front right after Kekanan Lu-rus, "Pandang kehadapan pan-DANG" to me it's only "#@*&$%!, pan-DANG".

Life was alright, and I didn't have any problems following commands. I though that I've cracked the puzzle to marching drills UNTIL I was made to give the commands...

That fateful day was my long awaited book out day and I was allowed to book out 2hours earlier than the rest of my company along with 19 others because we were the top 10% in IPPT(Incentive: heard that sometimes the top can get to book out 1 day ahead of the rest). We were gathered in our company's training shed for routine orders and bag check while our peers were doing area cleaning. After the check was book out time and as a recruit, everywhere we go, we have to march or run. We formed up along the road waiting for the sergeant in charge to lead us to the ferry terminal, smiles and grins on all faces. Boy, how suai can I be, the sergeant just so happens to be from my platoon and he made me lead the squad because I'm the only one he recognised. I screwed up the whole command thing because I knows shit. Got fucked by the sergeant and now need to learn the commands b4 my next book in...

So for your benefit i'm sharing some of the more frequently used commands:

Used in sequence when before moving off:
1. Sedi-A: Stand at Attention. Elbows locked, eyes stare forward, chin up. No movement.
2. Senang di-RI: Stand at Ease. Legs placed shoulder width apart, hands behind backs, right hand over left hand, fingers straightened. Eyes still forward, looking up, no talking.
3. Kekanan lu-rus: Face to the right, Dress
4. Pandang kehadapan pan-DANG: Face front.
5. Dari Kanan, BILANG: Number off from the right.
6. Begerak Ke-kanan/kiri, bertiga-tiga, Ke-kanan/kiri Pu-sing: Move to the right/left, three by three, right/left turn. "Kiri" and "Kanan" stand for left and right respectively. They are interchangeable in commands. "Bertiga-tiga" is also given in context, depending on how many rows deep the formation is. Three by three stands for the standard formation depth of three rows. "Dalam dua/empat barisan" would be used for two and four rows respectively.

Used when squad is marching:
7. Kiri/Kanan be-LOK: Left/Right Wheel
8. Impek Kiri/Kanan: Keep left/right

Used when squad is stopping/ after stopping:
9. Berhen-TI: halt/stop.
10. Hentak kaki, cepat hen-TAK: Quick Mark time
11. Skuad, Keluar-BARIS: Squad, fall out

Monday, August 4, 2014

JAM: SWURSH LED - Smart Water Usage Reduction Shower Head. Our Final Year Project. Water saving shower head.

I(We) guess one of the reasons why we got together was because of our common interests. The both of us loves nature and the wildlife that inhabits it but we were frightened by the idea that it could all be gone one day. Global warming is widely recognised to be caused by green houses gases(GHGs) by many renowned scientists. The world we lives in runs on electricity generated mostly from fossil fuel and its by-product carbon dioxide is one of the contributing GHGs. We wanted to do our part in saving our environment and thought that alternative, renewable energy could be the answer. That was the very reason why we chose the course.
  Clean Energy Management!
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
A SWURSH prototype.

You might have already known this but this is for those otherwise, In NP, final year students in engineering courses are given an option to either do internship or a student project. We decided to go ahead with a student project because we wanted to do something true to our course, which is to help save our environment. And as an added bonus, doing a project could also mean killing two birds with one stone for us because earlier that year, we applied for an innovation fund to develop our idea and was awarded $2,000 to finish it but have yet to started. 

Great idea aye!?~

As the name implies the SWURSH shower head help users to reduce their water consumption. Water availability is one of our country’s biggest concern. The way we use or manage our water resource can increase or reduce the stress on our water demand & dependency for import. 

Currently water saving measures in Singapore's industries involves coming up with new processes that requires less water for the same work or by recycling used water. Similarly, consumer products like dish washer, washing machine and toilet urinals incorporates new designs and technology to reduce the amount of water required for the same job. What we don't like about this method is that it does not involve the users to save water but rather only involve the product. On the contrary, our project here aims to include the users into the equation by targeting the human psychology to facilitate behavioural changes. We wanted to create a product that can instils water saving awareness in people's minds and hopefully make saving water their second nature.

Just like using a pedometer which count and display the number of steps a person makes to motivate him/her to walk more, our product hope to make users consume less water by providing him/her with the data on their water consumption. We chose to target the daily showering activity because water wastage during a shower is common due to its relaxing nature and also because water usage reduction during this activity can be easily achieved by making users bath for a shorter period of time (behavioural change).

 Video of our working prototype is all the way down!!

Our initial sketch of the showerhead.
Block diagram.
The main hardware components of the SWURSH shower head are a microcontroller – the Arduino, a flow sensor, a solenoid valve, LEDs, Bluetooth module, push button, buzzer and battery. All components are in one way or another connected to the microcontroller as it is the brains in this product. The flow sensor measures the flow rate and transfer this data to the microcontroller and in turns the microcontroller calculates the water consumption. The other components are controlled by the microcontroller and displays, transmits or operates when there is changes to the water consumption.
Testing circuitries. Batteries had to be included in the design because we couldn't solve the micro turbine power source issue.
PCB design using eagles software.
After making everything nice and compact.
We even designed a portable system to display our working prototype.
Finally a video showing a working prototype.
Every LED lighted up on the shower head represents 1 litre of water used. When water consumption reaches 20 litres, the showhead will buzz and the LEDs will blink, signalling the user to stop or hasten his/her shower.
However, in the video above the shower head was programmed to light up 1 LED per 0.1 litres of consumption or else it would have taken forever.

As an added feature (for better grades..) We added bluetooth module to our product and coupled it with an android phone app to monitor consumption to show trends in daily/weekly/monthly usage. 
The reason why we are sharing our idea is because we really want to see it as a real product! We couldn't perfect it but we are sure that someone can! It could really help save tonnes of water! Micro turbine powered Aesthetic LED showerheads are possible. Why not SWURSH? It serves a real purpose!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

J: Graduation trip: Krabi part III, Travelling in the Rain! Oysters! Muay Thai Boxing! Cats! And Changi Airport Entertainment! (Includes Island hopping review and motorcycle rental instructions) (Day 5-7)

The final instalment of our Krabi trip! Highlights: Riding a scooter in the rain, Muay Thai Fight, and Exploring our Changi Airport!!

天下无不散之宴席 - All good things comes to an end.
At the end of most holiday trips, often people will hope to be able to stay a couple of days longer. When we initially planed for our trip, some of our friends told us that a 3 days trip to Krabi would suffice. Back than because the air tickets would be cheaper on certain dates, we thought why not stay just a few days longer so that we can take things at a slower pace and also get a cheaper air fare?

That was definitely a right decision because on the last day, I didn't want to leave.. 

That was how I felt then but I would later realise that our trip duration was just nice. This was why: On the very first day, because we reached Krabi around noon, we were not able to go for day tours and spend the entire day exploring almost the whole of Ao nang town. If not for the impromptu rental of our scooter, we would not have travelled out of Ao nang and would not have much to do after our day tours that all ends around 4pm. 

Speaking of having noting to do, I'm so glad that we rented that scooter. It was on the 5th day and it was drizzling that morning and we didn't book any tours. We took our rain coats and headed for the tiger temple! 

Day 5 29/06/14
For just 150baht, you get to eat a pizza of this size all over Ao nang! Just gotta have that for breakfast!

Right after breakfast, it started drizzling. We thought that the rain will subside and went ahead to travel to our intended destination, the Tiger Temple but the rain only got worst! Krabi town was en route to the temple and by the time we got to the town, the rain have grown to a downpour. We were forced to find shelter at the side of the road and waited for almost an hour before the rain finally stop!

Our Initial plan was to have a day off from day tours and go for sight seeing on our own. We wanted to visit the Tiger Temple, the fossil beach and the emerald pool in the morning/afternoon and head back to Ao nang to catch the Muay Thai event we bought tickets for. Things didn't go as planned and we stayed in Krabi town for awhile.

Hiding from the downpour!
Fresh oysters at just 30baht??!!!~

What I liked about the market was the food there! Be sure to try the coconut ice cream that contains real coconut meat 50baht! The fresh oysters topped with fried onions and thai chilli sauce! And the Popped rice crackers that are perfect snacks! 

If you want to experience the real local food and not those from tourist restaurants, while facing the sea from the market, head right along the road and travel (on bike) for about 5 mins to reach a stretch of street food stalls along the sea.
By the sea at krabi town.
The night market opens at 5pm!!
Muay Thai flyer!
And we headed back to Ao nang stadium to catch the fights!
Fights are held on Fridays of Sundays. Check with the local tour agency to find out more.
Tickets are also available at all tour agencies.
We arrived early!
Jerry VS Malin!

Some of the fights were really exciting! Quite brutal actually!
 Happy to experience the Thai national sport in their own country!
Fighters as young as 8 years old fight without protective gears on, unlike the fights in Singapore.
One of a Muay Thai event i've been to in S'pore was the SMU open, amateurs had to wear head guards, shin guards and body guards. Safety in Singapore is heavily enforced.
A picture taken with the winner of the main event!
Don't let his looks fool you! He's extremely good at fighting!
After the matches, gotta have another pizza!

Day 6 30/06/14
Finally going to the famous phi phi Islands by speed boat!

A breakdown of the available options for Island hopping:

The 3 tours are Phi Phi, Hongs and 4 Island and the snorkelling equipments and lunch are provided. The tours are named like as a single island but in fact are a cluster of them(island hopping). You'll have the option to either travel by long tail boat(cheaper) or speed boat. The Journey by speed boat is faster but not suitable for children and the elderlies because the ride will be very bumpy. Tours cost around 900 - 1500baht. Look out for the tour agency stand beside an Italian restaurant Jeseao, under the same name. This is the place I found with the best deals.

When I asked the staff from the agency to rate the 3 tours, this was what I get:

1. Phi Phi Island - Only by speed boat because the distance is too far away. 1 hour ride. It's a tourist attraction for both Krabi and Phuket which makes it a little overcrowded. The sceneries there are supposed to be the best but please avoid it during June to September because you'll won't get to go to the scenic area due to monsoon.

2. Hong Islands - The nearer alternative for Island hopping, beautiful scenery and less crowded. I would prefer to travel by longtail to enjoy the scenery. For the thrill seeker, go by speed boat, it feels like a roller coaster.

3. 4 Islands - Another nearer alternative but less beautiful. The four islands are Koh Poda, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub and Koh Mor
On the Speed boast towards PhiPhi islands!!

Snorkelling in the middle of nowhere.
It was around noon and we headed to an island for lunch. En route to the restaurant, we passed by these kitties taking a nap and just had to take some pictures!
Our buffet lunch!
Just before leaving the lunch island.
. On the boat again
At the far side of Phi Phi island, the other side(the scenic side) cannot be reached due to choppy waters.
Didn't get to do much due to the weather...
And we're back to ao nang..
This was before we returned our rented bike!
Moments for a last picture with shuhui! That's what we named her.

To rent a bike one have to leave a deposit of 150baht together with their passport. The rental shop will require you to sign a contract, stating a fine of 50,000 baht if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair. otherwise(if repairable), the amount needed to repair.

Cost of rental: 150baht/day 6SGD
Cost of fuel: 100baht about 4SGD full tank refill depending on your own consumption.

If your know how to ride a motorcycle and don't mind getting lost travelling, please rent one! taxi fares are overpriced. A short trip of about 5km will set you back by 400baht to and fro. A trip to Krabi town from Ao nang will cost you 800-1000baht to and fro.

Day 7 01/07/14
The morning before heading home!
Gotta take more pictures of our resort! Ao nang, The Cliff Resort!
And this is why it's called The Cliff!
Krabi airport!
50baht magnum! Let's get fat!!!
And touch down!:D
But it didn't feel like the end of the holiday so we pretended we were tourist from overseas and explored our Changi Airport!

The entertainment deck includes amenities like, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Kinect room, lan gaming and even a movie theater!!! For the full list of entertainment click here!
Right and to the Entertainment deck was the sunflower garden! The sunflowers are real! and there were bees all over the place!
Have you tried this? The slide at T3!! haha. We spend $10 in a single receipt at pastamania just to exchange for the tickets! $10 for 2 but the kind staff gave us 4!!! 
An there's my record!
We finally got tired after 4hours of fun in T3, and travelled back home on bus!:D
budget, bag packing!!:D No check-ins lugg at all. hahaha.

Jerry JAM